Complete 3 rounds before moving on.

5 strict chin-ups
20 BB biceps curls 45/65
400 m run

then, complete 3 rounds of: 

10 BB skull crushers 45/65
20 chair dips
400 m run

Post form thoughts to comments. 

A conversation from a couple of years ago ...

Caller: "I'm shopping for a good gym and was just calling  to see what you guys had to offer."  Me:  "Optimal Health."

Caller:  "Ha ha!  No, I mean what kinds of classes and equipment do you have?"
Me:  "We have DAILY ones...and mainly flooring."

Caller:, how long are your contracts and what is the pricing? 
Me:  "Generally, it is a lifetime thing and its a hundred dollars per month."

I hope she comes by to try us out... 

- said Burpees?