Complete 3 rounds:

20 uni lunge presses R 15/20
20 uni lunge presses L 15/20 
20 uni lunge curls R 15/20
20 uni lunge curls L 15/20
20 uni lunge curl & press 15/20
20 uni lunge curl & press 15/20
200 m run 

Post Rx or scale to comments.

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Blend Retreat

Are you a blogger? Want to network with other bloggers (including us), eyeball to eyeball, in a beautiful mountain setting? Are you going to be within driving distance of Park City, Utah next weekend? Come and join us.  GPP will be conducting the Sunday morning workout.  Hope to see you there. 

An illustrated "Using Our Fitness" story:

These two guys (DW & BC) organized the trip of a lifetime through the Society Islands of French Polynesia (Tahiti, Mo'orea, Tahaa, Bora Bora, Huahine) on this boat. We worked out every day (well, many of us did).

The best workout done in paradise? One day we all took a Zodiac out to a tiny island (motu pictured above) and stormed this workout:

5 rounds OTC:

20 burpees
20 situps
20 squats
20 pushups
swim to the reef and back

Post amount of sand picked out of your shorts to comments. 

That swim to the reef and back was NO JOKE ROUGH.  It was the workout of a lifetime for many reasons. YOU need to come with us on the next one. I came back from that trip in better shape than when I left. I hear that is uncharacteristic of most cruises.