Complete 3 rounds of: 

200m sprint
25 tick tocks R 35/54
25 tick tocks L 35/54
25 donkey kicks
25 swipers 15/20 (R+L=1)
200m sprint
25 stability rev back extensions
25 inchworm w/ tuck jump
25 V-up ball transfers

Post perceived exertion level to comments.  Re-comment 24 hours later.

Gluten intolerance is a ROUGH condition. Those who have it suffer regularly. It takes a high degree of education and discipline to regulate the effects of this condition. Generally, those who are truly gluten intolerant have come to terms with their condition by learning to eat in a very regulated way. More than not, they have done this with help of physicians, RD's and years of painful trial and error.

Somehow the rigors of their eating regimen have become very attractive to folk. It's not uncommon to find people who are following a gluten free regimen, who don't even have a related medical condition (ie. celiac disease). In fact, it's popular. Guten has become the new fat.

It's weird how these things catch on. Weirder still how folks "buy in" to what they perceive as a NEW DIET and begin to criminalize perfectly healthy nutrients without consideration for their own health in the first place. Yes, fat (certain types) is and always has been healthy. You NEED it. And while you may not need gluten, foods which contain it can certainly be a very good source of nutrition. 

HERE is an informative article on Going Gluten Free

Below is a fairly good video on the subject :).