5 rounds (slower than faster): 

30 situps
30 Superman back ext.
6 moving plank (Alternate start R & L)
30 tic tocks R 25/35
30 tick tocks L 25/35

Post thoughts on difference between this and timed workouts to comments. 
Workout courtesy Becca Nimrod & Spencer Whaley (GPP NWA)

When doing this workout, you should appear to be moving in slow motion. Seriously, like every bionic man montage you've ever seen.  THAT slow.

While there is tremendous health to be obtained from completing highly intense, fast moving workouts, there is also much health to be obtained in the slow stuff. We challenge you to find the health in the slow stuff today.  Please post thoughts on slow movements vs. faster movements to comments.

This video is played back in real time.