Perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed immediately by 10 seconds rest for each of the following exercises.  Complete all 8 rounds before moving to the next exercise.  Exercises are:

ab bridge jacks
anchored stab situps
high windmills 15/20 (4 rounds R - 4 rounds L)
T2T Superman back ext. (must hold top position through 10 sec "rest")

Post reps completed to comments. 

Most of the time T2T superman back extensions are done slowly on trainer's count.  Not TODAY.  Today, do as many full ROM extensions you can in the 20 sec "work" period.  During the "rest" period, hold the UP (extended) position until the clock beeps to go again.  If you must break a set, try to take the break during the 20 sec "work" phase.  If you can, try hard to hold the UP position all the way through the 10 sec "rest." 

Heart Association's Junk Science Diet - Dr Barbara H. Robers, daily beast


I was a plebe trainer back in the "low-fat" days.  Back then it was thought the cure for all our ills was simply to EAT-LESS-FAT.

Simple as that, man.

Wanna know what causes cancer? - FAT.
Wanna know the root cause of America's growing obesity problem? - FAT.
Wanna prevent that impending heart attack/stroke/heart & artery disease? - EAT LESS FAT.

Seriously, to question this dogma back in the 90's was heresy. We are talking torches and pitchforks.

Up next (about 5 years later) was the "EAT-MORE-PROTEIN" craze. To dissent from this was professional suicide. The "Pro Bro's" applied all of the scare tactics learned from their fat-attacking days and redoubled their efforts with this new pro-PRO ideology.

It's still going down - but it switched faces (5 years later). It is masking itself as a "DON'T-EAT-SUGAR" doctrine (what are they suggesting you DO eat?). And it has amassed the same fervor & support from all the same faces, passing all the same laws as the fat-killers from years ago, only 10 years on, they are much, much better at it.

Yes, the health industry also has its Reverend Sharptons.  

5 years on, all the usual suspects are getting all high-tech. They now combine well-researched theory, with canon of the past. GMOs are scary, man. Damn scary. It seems the same players (FDA, EPA, USDA, Big AG - Monsanto, etc,) are up to the same old stunts here in 2014 that they applied to great success back in the 50's with DDT. To paraphrase; It's going to save the world ... are perfectly safe.

Makes me scared for what's coming next. It doesn't take a statistician to realize the more they get it wrong, the more likely they are to get, at least, one right. With as good as the hawkers of the world are getting at selling their vaporware to my fears, if they get it right - it's going to pack a punch. Did I mention GMOs are scary? Really hope they are as wrong on that one as they have mostly been on all the others (hon. mention: saccharine, nutrasweet, grains & chewing ice chips) - so far.  Guess we'll know in about 5 years ...

If you've got a gimp and still want to get revenge on the revenge. Stationary bikes can be quite useful. It's a 2 min. alt. (Shmoop)