OTC - (slowly, with attention to strict form)

52 SLD R 15/20
52 SLD L 15/20
52 jumping pullups (slow on the down)
52 OH DB strict press 15/20 ea.
52 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
52 OH DB triceps ext. 15/20

There will be a 15 sec rest at rep #26 of each set.
Post "Done" to comments. Blame Dave.

Couple of thoughts on today's workout:

Vets, consider getting to the workout a bit early and testing the weights out. Some of you will find that our standard 15/20 weight recommendation will be a bit light comparatively. Remember, there are only 2 sets per body part today. Rep scheme is a bit higher than normal, the OTC will be a bit slower and there is a smidge less rest than you are used to, so take all of this into account while choosing a weight that is right for you. 

If your legs are still super trashed from Tuedsay, turn the SLD into an air squat. It may help you to get some blood flowing to those sore muscles. Then again, it might help to just skip legs altogether today. Use good judgement.

Mucho gusto!