5 rounds OTC -

30 pass through lunges (R+L=2) 15/20
15 four stop burpees
15 high windmills R 15/20
15 high windmills L 15/20

Post Rx to comments.

Some of you were built to do High Windmills.  Some of you weren't. If you can't do them (due to a marked lack of shoulder flexibility), don't worry. It may not be your fault. It's the way you are built. You are special.  :) Alt. to the R.

The other thing is, High Windmills can be rough on Hamstrings. I wish I had the pic of Garrett's last experience with them. "Black and blue" doesn't do the description of it justice. 

Just go easy with them. A nice little stretch'll do ya.

Aftermath of "Master" ... Mastermath?