3 rounds for time of: 

3 BW deadlifts
5 pullups 
10 clapping pushups
15 KB swings 35/54

Post time.  Rest.  Repeat (1x).  (6 rounds total with a rest in the middle.)

A couple of thoughts on today's workout: 

  1. BW = Body Weight.
  2. Be careful with those BW DLs.  Warm-up your back and legs before you perform lifts with weight that heavy.  Try V-ups, or situps for a warm-up.  Also, piriformis & low back stretches will work wonders (after you've warmed-up). 
  3. To get the most out of this workout, you'll want to STORM it!  Pacing yourself (rookies ignore this), will take away from the purposes of this workout. 
  4. If you back is a little sore from thrusters yesterday, don't be afraid to scale the weight of that KB. 

Yee-OUCH! By the looks of it, missing a box jump in NC carries with it the same consequences as missing one at HQ!  Haha!  Thanks to Louis G for sending this in.