4 rounds for time:

44 OH triceps extension 20/35
44 alt biceps curls 15/20
44 KB swings 25/35
44 bench dips
44 Aussie pullups

Post time to comments.

Less than 8 weeks now before Memorial Day.  It's the first real Summer weekend.  Some of us train all year to be ready for the summer. We've gotta be ready, right?

Let's throw a little more intensity to our cardio and shaping this week.  For this week only, we are re-initiating our 2 mile per day challenge (below). The "2 Mile Per Day Challenge" is where we program a little extra credit daily.  The extra credit will feel very similar to running 2 extra miles per day. Some days we'll just throw 2 miles up for you to run.  Other days we'll program equivalents. 

Are you up to it? 

Thing is, this takes a bunch more effort than most of us expect.  It lengthens your regular daily workout time by 15-20 mins, or so.  This doesn't seem like much until you start doing the math on most of our workouts.  Generally, our workouts are between 15-30 mins long.  By adding 2 extra miles per day (or equivalent) we are increasing the time and work load this week by roughly 25-50%. It's going to take some planning for those of you on a tight schedule. 

Here is what happened last time we did this (last part of January). Some folks got in a hurry and thought it was more important to hit the extra credit stuff than to do the regular GPP programming. 

It's NOT! 

It's more important to do the GPP stuff than the extra credit.  Think of your extra credit like frosting on a cupcake.  Mmmmm.  Tasty, tasty cupcakes.  If you are only eating the frosting, you aren't eating frosted cupcakes.  Yeah, I'm not sure why I used that example.  There doesn't seem to be a downside to eating frosting and NO cupcakes ... The point is, there is a downside to only doing the extra credit of these workouts this week. If you only have time for some of it, make sure it's the GPP stuff. Otherwise you'll leave a lot of health and fitness on the table.  

Our workouts will lean heavily toward sculpting and fat burning this week.  That'll give us a good jump on this Summer. 

Today's 2 mile challenge:

200 KB swings 25/35
50 manimals 25/45

Post "done" to comments.

Be CAREFUL with those Aussies today.  Aussie pullups have a penchant for punishing rookies.  If you are new to this movement, or if you haven't done these for a while - SCALE, man. 

GPP Kid's Spring Series starts today! 

Want the kids to feel great and have fun getting strong and healthy?  This is the Class! For this 2 month series we will be focusing on full-body fitness.  Each session will involve a fun, active warm-up, skill development training and strength training. It is awesome and the kids LOVE it. 

Register TODAY.  Class are 4:15pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Many of you have expressed interest in the supplements Troy (ran a marathon last weekend on virtually no training) is taking.  Cool.  He'll be at HQ all day tomorrow to display them.  He'll also be conducting tests to monitor how well your supps are working.  These tests are free and uber-informative. 

Candice does an amazing job motivating and strengthening your kids. She has been conducting GPP Kids for several years now.  Her classes have been steadily growing in participation.  It is a testament to her excellence and commitment.