For time:

10 - 20 - 30 - 40 reps per set of: 

thrusters 45/65
KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.

It's funny how many of you saw this one coming. All week folks have been saying,

"Easy first part of the week ... I'm guessing we should be scared for what Friday brings?"

Haha.  Perfect.

It'd be interesting to see what many of you would come up with if we turned over the programming to you for a week.  I'll bet it'd be excellent stuff! We've said it many times before, our vets are better fitness experts than most fitness professionals we've known. 

We've known a LOT of them, too.

New Thruster video up! Taking some extra time to study this movement will pay dividends toward injury prevention, effectiveness and efficiency. Tyson does a masterful demo.

Some points of interest:

1 - He cleaned the bar properly to the shelved position. Just because you are doing thrusters doesn't mean you should ignore the fundamentals of how to rack the bar in the first place.

2 - He drives the bar with his hips! Notice that he is not squatting THEN pressing the bar.  It is ONE fluid movement.  The bar moving to OH is driven there mainly by momentum generated from the hips. Also notice the end position. Bar is perfectly inline with his center line (if viewed from the side). GPP trainers will cue you to "put your head through the window." This does not mean you should crane your neck forward. Instead, it is a cue for you to drive the bar to directly OH so that the end position puts it inline with your mid-line (if viewed from the side).  If you aren't sure about your end position turn sideways to a mirror, or as always, you may ask a GPP certified trainer to observe.