In straight sets with 2 min rest between each:

3 sets of 8 BB clean curls AHAP
500 m row (2x)
3 sets of 10 alt DB biceps curls (strict) AHAP
500 m row (2x)
3 sets of 25 Aussie pullups
500 m row (2x)
200 situps

Post weights used and times of rows and situps to comments.

This workout takes a little time to navigate your way all the way through it. Especially if you let those 2 min rests turn into 5 minutes ea.

How should you rest between sets?  It looks like the best advice is - ACTIVELY! 

Staying mildly active (light jogging, jump rope, cycling) between sets of intense exercise will increase your max output during the work phase.  With a workout like today's, higher intensity = higher gains and benefits. 

It was discovered recently that cyclists who pedaled at 30% of max intensity during the rest phase of interval training sessions cleared lactate faster than those who didn't.  Their max power output was much higher as a result. 

Today's workout calls for 2 min rests between each exercise.  Keep in mind that, many times, a 2 min rest during a good workout can degrade quickly (talking, lack of focus) into a 45 minute runaway slack job if you are not careful.  Stay on the clock today.  And try being more active between sets.  Record your findings. 

BC and I have it figured out. We believe every 5 years, or so, the "experts" change their minds about things.

We were laughing about it the other day. Eggs used to be "bad for you." 5 years later, you are supposed to eat them again. 5 years after that, they are telling us only a few per week and mainly the whites. Wonder what it'll be 5 years from now?

Same thing goes for macronutrients. In any 5 year span the experts will be telling you to eat more protein. 5 years later it's carbs. 5 years after that it's fats. After all of these have been played out they turn to certain TYPES of fats/carbs/proteins. It's on a cycle, man. Advice just seems to evolve on a 5 year basis.

We believe the reason advice changes so often is because it is all true - for some of us. Some of us need more protein. Others of us need more fat. The experts can keep us on a cycle because some of the advice we get (about every 5 years, or so) is life changing. GPP understands this. It's why we espouse the concept of intuitional eating and exercising. Incidentally, it's not lost on us that our own needs may change from year to year depending upon certain things (stress, sleep, work schedule, etc.).

Here is an interesting example.  5 years ago, long/slow endurance (running, cycling, hiking for hours) types of activities were thought to absolutely kill your fitness. Like, MESS YOU UP. Things are starting to soften on that front. 

On that front, we thought you'd enjoy this interesting read from the Tech and Health section of The Daily Beast.


Pulled this off the GPP NWA site.  Made me LOL.