Warm-up -  

250m row (half speed)
50 KB high Sumos 35/54
50 KB swings 25/35
250m row (full sprint)

Workout - 5 sets of each:

5 chinups
10 BB bent rows AHAP

Post time of full sprint row, strings of consecutive reps for chinups, high Sumos & KB swings and weight of bent rows to comments. 

250m row half speed? - Focus on getting the most out of your row.  Use THIS video for reference.  Remember, legs - hips - then arms.  Longer strokes are faster, generally.  You may consider slowing your stroke to get the most out of each pull.   

Also, 5 reps of chinups might not be enough to tax your system sufficiently today. If this is you, add weight to the pullup as opposed to incr'g reps. 


Eve crew getting stabilized.