AMRAP in 20 min of:

max effort squats (for reps) 
400 m run

Post number of squats per round and number of laps completed to comments.

To do a "max effort squat" set, complete as many perfect air squats as you can in an unbroken string.  Upon your first break set - go run! 

It's been a while since we went this light on a Saturday.  Enjoy.

Remember more/harder/faster is not better.  BETTER is BETTER.  It's not the goal to see how many squats you are ultimately capable of today.  Today is about getting max benefit from a max rep set of squats.  The better your squats, the more benefit you'll gain.  

Rookies - be CAREFUL.  This one is a soremaker.  Sneaky too.  You'll be feeling fine during ..., then won't walk for 5 days.  Not OK.  

Here's my backwards jump rope injury from yesterday!  Guess I need to work on those more!  I love stepping out of my comfort zone yesterday!  - Maren (from offsite)