For Time:

800m run
50 squat jumps
40 situps
30 pushups

100 high Sumos 25/35
50 squat jumps
40 situps
30 pushups

100 double unders
50 squat jumps
40 situps
30 pushups

50 box jumps
50 squat jumps
40 situps
30 pushups

Post time to comments.

Have you ever thought of being able to share what you know about GPP more formally?  Like, maybe you and your friends are storming workouts daily and you are wondering if you are doing it right?  Not only would you have our blessing with this, we'd love to help you and show you how.  Maybe you'd just love to learn how to make your own workouts more effective and efficient?  We'd love to help you with that too.  

We believe (have witnessed) that the simple principles that make GPP so life changing, can help others too.  If you had any interest, we'd love to show you how to help folks attain what you have gained, through GPP.  So, we are holding our GPP intensive training seminar in Rogers, Arkansas May 2-4 at GPP NWA!   

GPP is a VERY unique training method which is driven by an even more unique health and fitness philosophy.  It occurs NO WHERE else in the world.  As much as we may look like other places (to the untrained eye), we couldn't be more different.  It is even safe to say we are OPPOSITE of other places in terms of fitness philosophy, goals, programming and techniques.  The fitness and health we put onto you is more focused and individualized than ANY other out there.  It is also more effective and efficient for achieving your specific goals.  

- GPP Foundations and Principles
- The Advanced Directive
- Safety Standards 
- How to Conduct Workouts
- Programming
- 5 Qualities of Training Excellence
- Common Movement Standards (25 Movements Covered)
- How to Choose and Use Equipment for Workouts
- Nutrition
- FAQs

It is our opinion that trainers shouldn't be the only people allowed to understand our methods and techniques.  We think they should be available to everyone.  In our seminars we employ the "Learn - Do - Teach" technique.  You'll get just the right amounts of theory and practice.  

GPP Intensive seminars are available to a very limited number of folks. We only do these a few times per year. Click HERE for info, or to register today! 

Malorie smacks down 105 x 3