This is the easiest of our burpee workouts.  Somehow putting another movement inside of a burpee makes it way easier. Stringing them together back to back is what makes them hard.  The first 25 are rough. After that - it's smooth sailing. 

Here are a couple of thoughts on burpees:

Better burpee box jumps (easier this way)
Burpee revisited
Burpee: King of All Exercises
100 bupees sub 5 min

Don't miss stretching class tonight.  GPP Stretching class combines many different strengthening and stretching methods & philosophies.  It is meant to help strengthen your core, increase/improve flexibility and speed recovery from our workouts.  It's good stuff.

Stretching Class is Wednesday eves at 7:30 pm.  It is taught by Marla Keller (She is excellent).  It is FREE for members.  Non-members are welcome ($10.00 at the door).

GPP Kid's Class (Spring Series) begins another 8 week session on Monday April 7.  Want the kids to feel great and have fun getting strong and healthy?  This is the class!  

This 2 months series will be focusing on full-body fitness and skill development.  Each session involves a fun/active warm-up, skill development training and strength training.  It is awesome and Candice is wonderful with your kids.  

For more info, or to register your kids please click HERE.  Class size is limited.  

Must be a rancher ... with calves like that.  (Cort)