For time:

50 power squat cleans 95/135
49 power squat cleans 95/135
2 burpees
48 power squat cleans 95/135
3 burpees
47 power squat cleans 95/135
4 burpees
46 power squat cleans 95/135
5 burpees 

Continue subtracting 1 PSC and adding 1 burpee per round until you have completed 50 rounds each.  The workout is complete after you have completed your 1 rep round of PSCs and your 500 rep round of burpees in sequence.  

Post time to comments.


The workout is below.

"Squat & Jump"

Complete 5 giant sets. Rest 2 1/2 -5 minutes between each giant set.  Limit rest between exercises.

10 front squats AHAP
10 SLS2S R
10 SLS2S L
300 rope jumps

Post FS weights to comments. 

It is best to start each giant set with the front squats.  Always progress from highest weighted/most complex movements to least weighted/complex. 

It's weird in this case because the SLS2Ss are much more complex in terms of movement patterns than the front squats are.  But since the front squat is heavier, it is best to begin with the FS while you are still fresh to reduce risk (very low if done right) of injury.  Beginning with FS will help you to focus on form.

Try this workout with your shoes off. You have a lot of nerve endings in your feet. These nerve endings help you feel changes in body position.

Most of us use the same shoes to do these workouts that marathoners run in. They are highly cushioned. This is great for running, but highly cushioned shoes have a muting effect on your proprioception.  In other words, the cushioning of your shoes dampens your feel for where you are standing. It makes you slower to react to changes in body position. It decreases your balance. 

Removing your shoes will markedly improve your balance. It may also contribute to fewer misses while jumping rope. The thought here is that the penalty for missing with your shoes off increases your ability to focus more completely on the task at hand.  hehe.  

Sidney, Courtney & Marla using their fitness on two 25 mile rides. One ride near Sand Hollow the other along the Virgin river.  Court said, for the first ride out, she felt "AWESOME" and didn't "suck wind!"