30 pushups (strict)
30 straight leg situps
3 sets of 30 seconds ea. piriformis stretch and low back stretch


5-5-5-5-5 sets ea side of:

Single Arm KB Snatch AHAP

Post weights per set to comments.

Some of you are going to run into a conundrum today.  You'll be flying along using a KB that suits you fine.  Let's say it's 25 lbs.  You'll think to yourself:

"I think I can do more weight.  And the Rx says to go AHAP.  So, I'm going up." 

The problem arises when look to the KB section only to find the next step up in KBs (in most gyms) is 35 pounder.  That's a full 10 lbs. jump.  10 lbs. is NO JOKE.  Or, for those of you who are flying along using 35 lbs, the next step up is 53 lbs.  Again, a 17 pound jump in weight is no FRICKIN joke.  

So what to do?

Well, if you are feeling healthy (froggy) and there are no indications that you could get hurt - try it (jump!). 

What if you try it, and there is just NO FRICKIN WAY? Should you just go grab a DB weighing somewhere between the two KBs? 

Nah, It's not really the same thing. 

The 30# DB won't require you to work as hard as even the 25# KB will.  So, you'll have to do one of two things here.  They are written in ranking order. 

1 - Stay with the lower weighted KB and work on perfecting form.  The reason you can't pull the higher weight probably has more to do with learning to coordinate a very complicated movement.  It is doubtful that strength is the issue.  Check your form with the trainer.  He/she'll give you some cool things to work on.  Once you get them, it is likely you'll be able to handle the next weight up, but stick with the lower weight until you are proficient. 

2 - Go to a higher DB.  If you are stuck between the 35# KB and the 53 pounder, grab a 50-60 lb DB and work on your strength and explosiveness.  Realize that no amount of strength can make up for poor form.  Form comes first. But, if you've checked your form with the trainer, and she says you are "in the hunt," you might benefit from some increased intensity and explosiveness training. If in doubt (don't have a trusted trainer to check your form with) always revert to #1.

There is a REASON that snatching is an Olympic event.  Snatches are extremely complex.  They rely on mastery of movement as much as they do brute strength, speed, explosiveness and etc.  Due to their complex nature, mastering them imparts amazing benefits.   


Ute Dance Team!  Very hard working girls.  They GPP!