Complete 2 rounds for time.

800 m run
35 floor to OH DB 15/20 ea.
400 m run
25 floor to OH DB 15/20 ea.
200 m run
15 floor to OH DB 15/20 ea.

Post time to comments.

Floor to OH DB is not a snatch.  DBs must touch the shoulders on the way by.  Doing this requires more input of the arms and shoulders. 

You do not necessarily have to perform this workout in straight-up rounds.  You are free to do the two 800s back to back if you wish, or you may do an 800 followed by a 200, or ... whatever you think will get through the workout quickest.  You may do this only as long as you finish each run with it's accompanying F2OH rep scheme.

I was organizing rows of DBs between classes.  My rows were perfect.  Beautiful.

Kitty was walking in behind me fouling up my rows. Maliciously messing with my OCD. I tried putting the weights back, then her OCD kicked in. This went back and forth a couple of times before we both saw it.

Makes me wonder ... Is all art born from illness?