4 rounds for time.

20 OH step back lunges R 45/65
20 OH step back lunges L 45/65
20 hollow rocks (back+forth=1)
20 kneeling KB swings R 25/35
20 kneeling KB swings L 25/35
20 high windmill R 25/35
20 high windmill L 25/35
20 box jump switches (R+L=1)

Post time to comments.

The video demonstrating the OH step back lunges shows an alternating lunge.  For the purposes of this workout, don't alternate. Continuously step back with the same leg until all reps have been completed for that side.

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Deawn of GPP Syracuse brings us this alt.  Stability Ball Pullups are for bridging the gap between eccentric pullups and the real thing.  Try them next time we program strict pullups.  Thanks Deawn!