Perform 4 rounds of each:

5 OH squats 45/65
10 BB biceps curls (strict) 45/65
15 side lateral raises 15/20 ea.
20 V-ups
400m run

Post Rx, or reps missed to comments.

You are not on the clock today.  We are just getting all the moves (push, pull, squat, core) in that we need to propel us through the start of a great week.

We pushed pretty hard last week.  Let's recover a bit, but let's NOT rest.  We don't want to take a good week of increased fitness (especially in our legs) and waste it.  

Take those OH squats nice and slow.  Get low.  Focus on stretching those sore quads and hams. 

by Neil Anderson

Everything you ever wanted to know about muscle soreness.  Please share.

... It occurs to me, the more we know about DOMS, the more we can avoid it. It also occurs to me a little bit of it is necessary for improved health and fitness. We've emphatically been on both sides of the soreness issue. Years ago, we thought it silly, needless and wasteful to become sore from a workout. Back then our clients weren't nearly as fit, functional, capable, or as injury free as they are now. They just plain weren't as healthy ...


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