Complete 10 min of diligent work on each of the following.  You have "maxed out" once you've completed 50 HSPUs, 50 pullups and 200 DUs.  

pullups (kipping)
double unders   (If you can easily string 50, or more - try backwards DUs, or tripleunders.)

Post total reps completed per exercise to comments.  If no reps completed, post attempts and what you think you need to work on.  


1 - A run of three wins, or grand events

While accomplishing any of the three moves above are grand events worthy of celebration, we'd like to kick that up a notch.  You have the GPP Trifecta ("Trifective") once you can complete ALL of the following:  

5/10 HSPUs - From arms strait, to top of head in contact with Abmat.  Some part of each hand must lie inside the width of your shoulders. 

10/20 pullups (kipping) - From arms strait, to chin above.  You may use no outside assist.  You may employ unlimited rests from the hang.  

25 double unders - Consecutive.

Congratulations to GPP's own Suz Martin!  2nd place in her age group in last weekend's IronMan Monterrey 70.3!  Very proud of our Master's Class instructor.