Complete 3 rounds before moving on.

5 strict chin-ups
20 BB biceps curls 45/65
400 m run

then, complete 3 rounds of: 

10 BB skull crushers 45/65
20 chair dips
400 m run

Post "done" or "Rx" to comments.

The thing about arms ...

You can't hide your arms. Not indefinitely. Eventually, they are coming out.

Your backside & belly never really have to come out. Not if you don't want them to. They make cool/stylish swimsuits, covers and swim shirts that are perfectly acceptable to wear at beaches and swim pools now.  These coverings serve dual purposes. 

1 - They are "soft spot" cloaking devices. 
2 - They are modest. 

We are all for modesty.  It's one of the reasons you won't find Peeps storming with shirts off at our place.  But purpose #1 can be problematic.  Most of us are hiding behind #2 for the purposes of #1. You can get away with this for a time. But, it's not healthy (physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc.) to do this for any length of time.    

It's not healthy and NOT POSSIBLE to do this when it comes to your arms. While there is a winky-eyed brotherhood and sisterhood of head nodders wearing cover-ups at beaches and pools world-wide - there is no such secret club of long sleeves wearers at a 4th of July picnic.  If you aren't wearing short sleeves there - YOU'RE WEIRD, man. 

This leaves you with no choice but to get those arms (everything else, too) into shape.  It starts today. 

Check your diet.  Make it right.  Don't skip workouts. Log results of workouts daily so you can gauge progress and be supported by this amazing community.  There are only about 10 weeks until memorial day. It takes most of us 90 days, or so to get cleaned up for summer. If you've been skipping (diet, or exercise) - you're behind. See you in the comments! 

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