For time:

Row 1600 m
run 800 m
100 double unders (or 300 singles)
100 plate cleans 25/45 

Post time to comments.

Asked by many yesterday:


The thing to know is, "Three Bars of Death" was never intended to be a 30 round workout.  Never. 

Back when we created this workout (5+ years ago), it was devastating.  Just a soul crusher.  The highest level anyone got to was 14 rounds (ladies- holla).  The highest dude got, like 8.   

I remember the first day we dropped this workout.  I was pushing people to the buzzer thinking to myself, "Holy Crap. Someone is going to die."  At one point, I was even quietly rehearsing the steps of CPR in my mind. I was urgently hoping I could keep "_______" (specific person) alive long enough that paramedics would arrive, take over compressions/breathing and administer shocks. I was absolutely sure that ambulances showing up several times throughout the day was going to be bad for business, but I would be glad they were there if it meant my friends (is anyone really a client at GPP?) would be OK.

Things have changed a lot since then.  We've gotten WAY more fit.  Now, 14 rounds of "Three Bars" wouldn't even affect one of our vets. Probably wouldn't serve to do more than worm them up a little. Our ladies are regularly getting 26-31 rounds.  Less than a round a minute for 20 mins STRAIGHT.  It's incredible.  

And wrong (kinda).

When we program "Three Bars of Death" we do so with the intention that you'd storm it at a very high intensity level (rookies ignore).  Like, OFF THE CHARTS high (again, ignore rooks - your time will come).  It's the type of intensity that requires a big weight.  A weight so big - when you step to the bar (whichever one) it shouldn't be a guarantee that you'll complete the set in a string of 5.  The thought of 5 reps of that weight should be troublesome to you.  You should get an anxiety laced pit in your stomach. One that makes you rehearse bail-out procedures in your mind, while constantly checking (and re-checking) if your blood circle is clear. If you are still standing at the end of 20 minutes of this - you might consider resting up a bit and coming back later in the day for another go.  

Yep, that kind of intense.

Not that 32 rounds of this at Rx weight isn't intense.  IT IS!  Few (outside of GPP) could manage it.  It's just the wrong type of intense.  This type is more endurance based than strength based. They're quite different, in terms of application.  Quite different in terms of affect. When we program this one, we are looking for the strength based stuff.     

Scott & Brian go full KONG!