Finish in any order, for time.

25 pullups
50 pushups
75 squat to box jumps
100 stab crunches (feet elevated) 
150 KB swings 25/35
200 plate switches (1+1=2)
500 m row

Post time and how you navigated this workout to comments.

There is a whole genre of entertainment that is slowly dying.  

It's active entertainment.  

It's the sort of entertainment that your body was primarily built for.  It wasn't that long ago (in terms of human history) that active entertainment was about all you had.  

My son Zach (11) was interviewing his great grandmother last month for a history project.  The theme was "Rights and Responsibilities" so he chose to do a project on "Life During the Second World War."  

Very interesting interview. 

She explained that here were gas rations, electricity rations, sugar rations, tropical fruit rations, tire rations.  She described how each was rationed and how it was strictly enforced.  For example,

"Your family was only allotted just so much gasoline.  If you wanted to go to town and you were out of gas, you either waited for your next ration, or you walked.  We didn't just drive around anywhere we wanted to. If you got greedy and used all your gas to play around, your family could go without groceries and a lot of other stuff you needed."  

She didn't speak of these as hardships.  She and her family (and the entire community) were happy to do their share to support the war effort.  At one point, she even smiled and goes, "We had FUN."  

Zach was speechless.  He looked at me as if she had just spoken those words in another language.  Then looked back at her and asked (flabbergasted) "Doing what?"  

Haha, you had to be there, but he really couldn't imagine it.

She described a lot of very active things.  They played games (fox & geese) & sports (soft ball).  They danced.  They swam in the creek. They rode horses.  They did hay rides. They ice skated. They explored the countryside. They built fires at night and told stories.  They worked (yes, she said it was fun to work side by side along with other members of the community).  They did service.

She said, "We were very blessed and we had a lot of fun. I wish kids these days could have as much fun as we did."

That's what struck me.  She wishes WE could have as much fun as she did.  OUCH. At first when I heard her say this I thought, "Haha.  That's cute. She's probably never even played a video game."  But I thought about it.  I realized SHE'S RIGHT.  There is NO WAY a video game (or most of the other stuff we do for entertainment nowadays) could be as stimulating to the human body as the stuff she used to do for entertainment.  

The human body was meant to be active.  When it is active it is stimulated by every system it has (skeletal system, muscular system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, etc.).  No video game could compete with this. No board game could compete with ice skating.  No point & click story watched on a computer screen could compete with the physical and mental stimulation of camp fire story time.  


If you are not feeling a little competitive and curious here - you might be broken. 

The weather is looking nicer and nicer.  Time to get outside.  Time to use your body in new, cool ways.  We challenge you do to this.  As you do, please share your activities and experiences with us throughout the year.  

If you are stuck for something to do ... may we suggest THIS.


Kate & Kenz having some "Fun."