AMRAP for 35 min:

30 lunge switches (R +L = 1)
30 squat to box jumps
400 m run

Post rounds completed to comments.

Hey, what happened to Thrust-O-Rama?  I thought we were doing one on Friday.

No way. 

It takes, at least, 2 weeks to program a Thrust-O. 

Thrust-O-Rama is a unique workout.  It comes at you from a variety of different directions.  First and foremost, it can be one of the ROUGHEST workouts we program during our weekly agenda.  Few workouts can combine full bodied muscular exhaustion and cardiovascular havoc with such equanimity. 

Secondly, the aftermath of this workout can leave you hobbled.  It's sneaky too.  Often, someone who is not quite a Vet of our programming, but has been with us for a few months will be flying through this workout, just barely hanging on for dear life.  They'll get to the 15th round and think.  I'm doing this!  I'm going to Rx Thrust-O!  Sweet!  The elation of this moment drives some to keep pushing through to the end.  Hitting EVERY rep of it.  Ignoring the shakiness in their legs and the numbness in their low back. 

You'd think that, if you had the ABILITY to finish a workout like this, you'd also have the ability to get off without much pain the next day.  Folks who think this are what we like to call - WRONG.  

Thrust-O-Rama can annihilate you.  It can bring on the kind of soreness you never knew was possible to acquire, let alone live through.  And the real tricky part of it is, ONLY the advanced Peep can make themselves this sore.  Rooks generally lack the ability (at first) to push their bodies that far.  It's weird how that works, but it is a thing. 

We learned a long time ago that it takes 2 weeks of unique programming before we can "spring" a Thrust-O on you.  It works like this:

Week 1 - Introduce thrusters into a workout.  There is a specific way we have to do this.  We can't over-do it. Thrusters are rough on a person.  Besides the obvious lower body strength required to do them, they also demand much from the arms and core.  If we were to just drop a 20 round Thrust-O on you out of the blue, you'd be more susceptible to injury.  Especially your low back.  Not to mention the devastating soreness in your legs.  

Week 2 - Begin the week with a leg-centric workout.  We almost always drop a Thrust-O-Rama on a Friday.  Ever notice?  We do this for 2 reasons.  One reason is, we want you to have an entire weekend to recover from it.  The other reason is, you'll recover more quickly from it if we smoke your legs 4-5 days prior.  In a way, this prepares your legs and body for a quicker recovery and will somewhat inoculate you against the potential discomfort of this incredibly beneficial and health inducing workout.   

Are you crazy?  You are completely giving away your trade secrets above. 

A little.  In the past, we've kept a lot of our programming methods to ourselves.  We figured, if you wanted to use our stuff, you'd just come to us for it. 

We still hope you will, but we've come to realize something.  You are more likely to participate in something that you understand more completely.  Our passion at GPP is to provide you with a safe, effective and efficient way to improve your health.  We've done this.  Our unique programming methods are proven many times over (thousands and thousands have benefited), by now.  We'd like to share this with even more people.  But, we can't do it without your help.  So, on top of free daily workouts posted to this site, we'll do our best to also explain the "whys and hows" of it all.  Maybe this will help to make it easier for you to explain stuff to your friends. 


How to do Hanging Aussies off-site?  Here is a perfect demo from GPP OK.  Thanks guys.  Please sneak over to their page and give them a "like."