AMRAP in 40 min:

25 plate switches (R+L=1)
25 plate cleans 25/45
25 burpees
250 m row
25 anchored stab situps

Post rounds to comments

Thank you to Antonio Tellez from Merida, Mexico for sending this to us.  More to come on Antonio soon.  For now, it's only important to know that he "gets" it. 

Health is what is important about this exercise thing. 

Please watch the video below.  It will inspire you in many ways.  I hope you'll pass it around and let it inspire others.  There are multiple messages within it.  Each is as powerful as the other. 

My instinct is to simply embed this video and walk away from it.  I don't want to contaminate your reaction (positive, negative, indifferent) to it by puking my ideologies and philosophies 

... MUCH.

I realize you are not a child and that your ideas (outside of health and fitness) are not influenced by my own.  Nonetheless, I'll post my thoughts to comments as I'll ask you to do.  

Before leaving you to it, I think it's important to point something out.  Something that brought even more "clarity" to me about this health and fitness thing you and I engage in daily.  It is this:  

Every dream written on every wall you'll see on this video (and beyond) is influenced, if not dependent upon having the capacity to carry it out.  In other words, 

Unless you CAN do it - you can't.  

Haha.  That's as stupid and cheesy as what a salesman once said to me about some snake oil pills he was hawking.  He goes, "These are guaranteed to work ... unless they don't."  Hand to God, he said those words.   

What I mean is, we can dream if we want to.  Wish for whatever, man.  If we are hoping for the stamina to climb mountain, the energy to be a better parent, or the strength to deal with life's abundant joys and/or problems, it's best we understand; no amount of sitting around and waiting will get it done.  We'll either, benefit greatly from increased physical capacity, or NEED it outright.  See you Monday.  Have a great weekend. 

Before I die I want to ... (please post thoughts to comments).