Three rounds of:

1 min hollow rock (count reps down + back =1)
1 min hanging side ups  (count reps R + L = 1)
1 min weighted situps (close body) 15/20 (count reps)
1 min weighted back extensions 7/12 (count reps)
1 min reverse burpee 15/20 (count reps)

Rest 1 min between each round.  
The clock does NOT stop between exercises. 
Count total reps and post to comments.
This workout is an adaptation from a workout.  

It is tricky to get the most out of the 3 rounds this workout calls for.  Generally, we are programmed to work at a certain pace here at GPP.  That pace seems to innervate and carry over to this workout.     

The thing is, this workout is meant to go at a much higher pace than what you might expect.  A more constant pace.  With Less rest.   

Since the rests are programmed into this workout, you won't need them during.  OK, you'll need them - but you'll get more benefit if you don't take them.    

To do this one right, be looking ahead to where you need to go next.  Do reps ALL THE WAY to the bell, then sprint to the next area and begin doing reps immediately.  If you look at the clock (after your first rep) to see that 20 seconds have gone by already - you've missed fully 1/3 of this workout.  Yep, that's an entire round of a 3 round workout.    

Those of you who ask to have the clock set to 2 more rounds (a championship fight), check yourself.  Be sure you gave it your all during the 3 rounds, before asking for more.   

If you're that (pick a word "crazy, ballistic, self-tormenting) ... We are happy to give you those last 2 rounds.  :) 

I was moved to nearly tears as I read the interview below.  It inspires me on so many levels, that I don't even know where to begin talking about it.  

Let's start here.  It is incredible to me that a mother has taken such interest in her son's health that he (age 12) would have ANY salient thoughts on the subject of health and fitness, much less show command of the topic that he displays here.  I know professionals in this industry who aren't as thoughtful or poignant as Elliot.  Most adults, when interviewed about health and fitness, wouldn't give the answers he did.  Just amazing.

It is rare in this day and age to see a mother taking such an active roll in her kids' health.  Most parents seem content to let third parties (schools, etc.) be responsible for their kids' health activities and education.  The state of our children's health in this nation (and many others) is declining at such a rapid pace that it is not just important to address it.  It's not just urgent.  It's an EMERGENCY now.  Children today are exponentially at higher risk of acquiring health related diseases.  Most of these are directly related to their nutritional intake, activity level and lifestyle.  The ONLY way this changes is by parents getting personally and actively involved.  We all know this.  We are seeing (in this interview) firsthand what happens, if we do.  

I know Rebecca.  I have been amazed by her passion for helping people.  Even more amazed by her devotion to her family and friends.  There are many positive things I can say about her.  None more important than - She leads by example.

Government sponsored activities and programs have lost site of the importance of the health and fitness of our children.  No, it is worse than that. They have actively exchanged the health and fitness of our children for more immediately profitable interests (candy in the food machines, sugary sodas, poor nutritional quality of school lunches).  While they are cutting back on requisites for physical education, they are also cutting funding for adequate facilities and programming suited to improve, or even address our children's physical needs.  It is impressive and inspiring to see GPP NWA leading the way (Hell, they have a "Mini Peep" section in their newsletter), delivering better health and fitness resources to our youth while educating kids/parents on what is truly important about it.     

Elliot has the message right!  Did you see it?  Balance.  He said "balance."  That he thinks, "it's important to live a balanced life."  That, "A person doesn't want to have too much of one thing in their life.  If they do, then they will have less of another."  Salient thoughts indeed.  Did you see he used the word fun?  That's on-message.  Did you see what he and his little brother did for a neighbor?  Yep, he's got the right message relating to H&F alright.    

Tear (nearly).

These are just the highlights.  It is an amazing interview.  Please read it in it's entirety.  Post thoughts to comments.  

To enroll your children into a GPP Kids program, please check with an affiliate near you.  Upper R sidebar. 


GPP Mini Peep

This month I had the kids vote for our GPPkid of the month. Congratulations to Elliott Nimrod!

 bex: How old are you and how long have you been coming to GPPkids?

Elliott: I am 12 and have been doing since this summer. My mom would take me to Coach Chip's house sometimes, we would GPP at home in the garage together and even at the park with my soccer teammates. 

bex: Do you have any hobbies or enjoy playing any sports? Collect anything special?

Elliot: Yes, I play soccer, love riding my road bike and just got a slack line. It's awesome and hard. I collect banks and passport stamps. 

bex: In one word, describe what you love about GPPkids? 

Elliot: Fun

bex: In one word, describe one thing you maybe don't absolutely love about GPPkids? 

Elliot: On-Trainers-Count

bex: Have you noticed any differences since coming to GPPkids?  

Elliot: I have noticed how hard people work. 


bex: What have you learned?

Elliot: To live a balanced life. 


bex: Elliott, why is balance important? 

Elliot: A person doesn't want to have too much of one thing in their life. If they do, then they will have less of another. 


bex: How does GPPkids help you in the sports you play?

Elliot: if I am running, i can keep it up. On the soccer field, I can tell I am stronger and that means I can kick further.


bex: Elliott, how has your fitness served you recently? Has it helped you change the world in which you live?

Elliot: We have had so much snow lately. My fitness allowed me to play in the snow, going up and down a big hill sledding. I had the strength to shovel my driveway and 2 of our neighbors. My brother and I did it just to be nice. I guess that's changing the world, isn't it? 

gpp kids.jpg