With a continuously running clock, repeat 30x: 

10 sec floor to OH bar hold AHAP
10 sec rest

Post weight used to comments.   After you have finished complete the following:

1 mile run


Program a clock to continuously repeat 30 rounds of: 10 sec work + 10 sec rest.  During the work phase, take a bar from floor to OH & hold for the remainder of 10 sec.  At the 10 sec bell, lower to the ground WITHOUT A DROP and rest for the remainder of 10 sec.  Repeat 30x.    

Last time we did this workout, some of you mentioned that it was "easy."  This lies in stark contrast to many who said, "this was freakishly harder than it looked on paper." 

Due to the comments (We read every one, every day - Your comments help us to program workouts.), we have changed the intensity recommendation.  We now recommend the weight as AHAP.  If you are a rookie, 65/95 is a good place to start.  If you did this before, and breezed it, you should consider adding a little more weight.   

A typical start to a GPP week, usually mandates a pretty good thumping.  We like to get our heart rates up and strain a bit.  Monday workouts are usually the hardest of the week.  It sets the tone for the rest of the week.  

Behavioral scientists have found that those who workout on Mondays, are more likely to make healthier lifestyle decisions (exercising & eating right) throughout the rest of the week.  


Ash S.  Wow.