Complete 5 rounds for time.

10 BB biceps curls 45/65
250m row
10 pullups
150m row - arms only
10 Aussie pullups
150m row - legs only

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If you remember this workout from before (Oct 23, 2010) please note changes.  The last and only time we did this, we weren't completely satisfied with it.  We made notes to ourselves on how to make improvements.  The changes you see above reflect those notes. 

Let's take stock for a moment. 

On Monday we got the erector muscles of your low back a bit sore.  We balanced that out yesterday by focusing more on the rest of your trunk.  Those are done.  

On Tuesday we smacked down the muscles of the backs of your arms (triceps), those on the fronts of your shoulders (ant. deltoids) and those on the front of your torso (pecs, etc).  Today's workout will balance that out by hitting the muscles of the front of your arm (biceps, etc), those on the rear of your shoulders (posterior deltoids) and those on the back of your torso (lats, interscapular area). Those are done. 

We've been hitting legs and lungs all week.  Those are done. 

See how it kinda works?  To learn more about our highly successful, results driven programming methods, please join us for our next GPP Intensive Training Seminar. 

It's been a good week ya'll.  Hit this one hard today and finish it out strong. 

Happy Valentines Day! 

Thinking about taking your main squeeze(s) out to get some pizza and ice cream (yeah, I'm a cheap date)?  It's cool.  Valentines day is special.  There is always a little wiggle room with your diet on special days.  It only becomes a problem when "special day" turns into ALL THE FRICKIN TIME.  If your "special day" turns into multiples, we are assessing a penalty to certain food cheats.  

That penalty is BURPEES.

Eating extra pizza (260 kcals) = 272 burpees for females and 182 for males.  

See how it works?  

1 large French Fries (500 kcals) = 524 burpees for the ladies and 349 for dudes.
1 cola soft drink (200 kcals) = 210/140

One more.  

1 scoop of B&J's cookie dough ice cream (270 kcals) = 283/189

To read more about this, how they came up with the numbers (the numbers are solid, man) and other burpee penalties assessed for foods go to

For a custom Burpee Equivalent Calculator go HERE.  It's cool.  You put in the food/amounts/your weight, it spits out a burpee penalty. 

I'm not sure why I'm writing this next part.  It seems silly, patronizing and redundant.  Still, there is always that ONE guy/gal.  It'll be a person who doesn't really follow GPP and stumbles onto the site quite by accident, sees this post and goes hog-wild.

To him/her:

Doing THAT many burpees is silly.  It's stupidness.  We posted this article tongue-in-cheek.  We just thought it was kind of interesting/entertaining.  We don't really endorse doing hundreds of burpees every day.  If you do that many burpees daily, you are likely to suffer catestrophic injury and/or major muscular imbalances.   

Betcha he/she will still do them ... (sigh)


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