Complete each series 2x in any order.
You receive the Rx if you take no break-sets during any work period.

Series 1:
30 sec 
plate switches
30 sec rest
60 sec plate switches
60 sec rest
90 sec plate switches
90 sec rest
120 sec plate switches

Series 2:
30 sec row
30 sec rest
60 sec row
60 sec rest
90 sec row
90 sec rest
120 sec row

Series 3:
30 sec burpees (superfits can get 1 every 3-4 sec.)
30 sec rest
60 sec burpees
60 sec rest
90 sec burpees
90 sec rest
120 sec burpees

Post "Rx" or scaled amounts to comments.

What an amazing and incredibly inspiring letter.  I had no doubt after speaking to Wendy Young last fall that her swim team would be incredibly successful.  They had a uniquely dedicated and professional coaching staff! 

Her letter:

"I just wanted to thank you for your help with our dryland training for swim team. We did 2 Gpp-style workouts a week alongside our swim practices. Just took our awesome team to state! We have 14 swimmers & 13 qualified in 2 individual & 2 relays---the most allowed per person! The other swimmer qualified in relays. We set a few new 2a records and came home with heaps of medals & personal bests!! Not too shabby for a little team from Moab:)"

2 things to know.

1.  They did all of this with very limited equipment.
2.  When combined with excellent coaching (as above), GPP can put the kind of fitness on your competitive team (swim, dance, lacrosse, cheer, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, etc.) that would make it unbeatable.  Coaches, advisers, instructors and choreographers at every competitive level, from all over the nation are using our methods to great success.  Unprecedented success. 

Using GPP with your group will create more globally fit competitors which are less prone to injury.  We can help you put this on your team in way that is more direct, more efficient and more effective.  Our techniques and methods are applied to your group in ways which are much less likely to injure your athletes compared traditional conditioning styles.  For info on tailoring GPP methods to suit your team's specific needs, please write to  


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