Compete 7 rounds.  Rest precisely 45 seconds between each exercise. 

weighted pushups AHAP
10 OH triceps press Heavy
20 chair dips

Post weight of pushups and strings of consecutive reps from other exercises to comments. 

We subbed the moderately heavy pushups in this workout today in order to give your shoulders a little rest.  Our shoulders are fried.  We've been hitting them pretty hard lately, and those DB floor to OH yesterday were pretty rough. 

Not that we'd always let this deter us from piling on.  We like to stack workouts.

The triceps are integral to most pushing movements.  Isolating them between two multi-joint pushes will have a cool affect.  It's going to make you tired.  KEEP YOUR FORM!  Those chair dips will be rough after an AHAP pushup and a heavy tri set. You'll have a tenancy to want to put a lot more hips into that movement.  Try NOT to.  The point of this workout is to fatigue, strengthen and develop pecs, deltoids and triceps. 

Short sleeve season is coming soon and Peeps gotta represent. 

If you end up using your hips and legs to finish your dips, we'll miss the strengthening and development we are after. 

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