Warm-up (choose two):

1 mile run
1600 m  row
1000 rope jumps
75 burpees
200 KB swings 25/35

3 sets of 30 seconds each low back and piriformis stretches, then:

5-5-5-5-5 per side:

single arm deadlift AHAP

Post weights to comments.

Daily Extras- AMRAP in 10 min:

5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats
20 situps

Workout Notes:

  • You really can't be too careful with these SADs. Start light. Move up in weight only when you are confident/competent with the move.
  • Curtis Jolley showed me a cool new way to do those stretches. If you set a tabata clock and stretch 20s "on" 10s "off," it works pretty well.
  • If you did the 150 KB swings yesterday, skip them today. 
  • Ever fumble with the resistance settings on the rowers? It seems like a good idea to leave them on "10" all the time, but it isn't. Some of us row more efficiently (therefore faster) at a lower resistance setting. The smaller you are, in general, the lower the setting should be. This is especially true over longer distances. For short distances (500 m) you'll get away with pulling a bigger gear (it's an expression), but most of us will do better covering longer distances at a lower resistance level.  

For those of you coming to GPP HQ this week: 

Last class is the nooner on Wednesday. Thursday we are closed. Friday we are back to normal hours. 

For those of you following along at home: 

There is no workout scheduled for Thursday. Go eat pie and hug people you care about. Don't worry about losing a day, or two. Instead prepare yourself. We have big plans for Jan 5th and beyond. 

The above constitutes fair warning. :)

Not enough weight in the garage gym? Just gotta get a little creative. (GPP OK