Assemble into teams of 2 people and complete the following for time:

50 burpee pullups
100 pushups
150 kettlebell swings
200 high sumos 45/65
300 double unders
4 min high knee band sprints
1000m row

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1.  While one teammate is completing reps the other must be holding an ab bridge.  
2.  If the teammate holding the ab bridge touches down teammates must switch.
3.  No reps may be counted unless the ab bridge teammate is in position.  
4.  If the ab bridge teammate touches down while the other teammate is running THAT teammate loses the Rx.

Workout Notes:

You may consider doing fewer strings of reps for this workout today. Spending a lot of time in the planking position will tire your shoulders and neck as much as it will the core where we are aiming. While this will serve to strengthen the "weak link" it may also injure it if you aren't careful. Switching between partners more often will give your shoulders and neck more frequent rests. Since you may be spending approx. 20+ mins (each) in this position, you'll find more freq rests to be beneficial.

 Doing this workout off-site?  No partner?  No problem.  Just do half of the reps + planks for the half your "partner" would be doing.  Make sure you divide your half of the reps into more managable sections.  To do this, simply time yourself through fractions of your half of the reps and perform a plank for the same amount of time as it took you to complete those reps for the Rx.  

An example of this would be the 100 pushups.  Do 25 pushups (1/4 of them).  Time how long it took you to do those 25.  Perform the plank for that amount of time.  Do it again, and you've done your half.

I love these things (new PAA vid below). People ARE awesome!

Every week I meet folks who seem to have forgotten this. By contrast, EVERY WEEK I see people who've gotten back in touch with this fact.

There is only one thing more rewarding than seeing someone realize they have unlimited capabilities. That's realizing it for yourself! 

Which is your fave? Mine = The big guy belly floppin into the 2nd pool. Look at is face!