Perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed immediately by 10 seconds rest for each of the following exercises.  Complete all 8 rounds before moving to the next exercise.  Exercises are:

ab bridge jacks
anchored stab situps
high windmills 15/20 (4 rounds R - 4 rounds L)
T2T Superman back ext. (must hold top position through 10 sec "rest")

Post reps completed to comments. 

Most of the time T2T superman back extensions are done slowly on trainer's count.  Not TODAY.  Today, do as many full ROM extensions you can in the 20 sec "work" period.  During the "rest" period, hold the UP (extended) position until the clock beeps to go again.  If you must break a set, try to take the break during the 20 sec "work" phase.  If you can, try hard to hold the UP position all the way through the 10 sec "rest."  

Daily Extras - 

Do 4 more rounds of ea.

Best if you can find a way to stack all 12 rounds on top of each other.  Problem with that is, the class will be using the clock to do 8 rounds. Then they will rest 30 sec and move onto another 8. Timing will be off if you are trying to follow. Maybe download the SIT (Simple Interval Timer) app on your phone? It's FREE.

Workout Notes: 

Remember to switch hands on the High Windmills at 4. Here is the alt for the high windmill if you have shoulder flexibility issues. 

Straighter legs are better on the v-ups.

Straighter arms and legs are better on the Supermans. 

Sarcopenia is a damn lie! 

Sarcopenia - The degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass (.05% - 1% loss per year after the age of 25. 

I remember the day they taught us about this word/condition/stupidness. Sitting there in the second row of my Exercise Physiology class at USU (a very fine institution). I shot my hand up immediately.

"Can't this be off-set by proper nutrition and vigorous exercise?"

I don't remember exactly what he said. I just remember he talked for about 3 minutes and really didn't SAY anything. It was the kind of answer a politician would give. You know, when you ask them a direct question and they avoid it altogether and just go straight into a talking point. 

The gist I got was, "No, it's caused by age. Age cannot be offset by proper nutrition and exercise." This is how I answered it on the test later in the quarter (Dear young people, University life was based on the "quarter" system in olden times.). As I recall, I got the question right.      

It doesn't make sense though. 

It's AGE? Mainly AGE? AGE is the reason we lose 1% of our muscle mass per year? And there is absolutely NOTHING we can do about this??? 


I'm sorry, but this is not my experience. I'm stronger today at 44 than I was 10 yrs ago. I'm stonger than I was 15 years ago. It's not just me. I see it every day. Seriously, EVERY FRICKIN DAY. 

Oh, I don't disagree that sarcopenia exists. I just absolutely disagree that it is mainly "age related." What is age anyway? Seems to be more of a frame of mind than a medical condition. After all, many of the historic figures of our time and olden times performed unfathomable physical feats as OGs (Old Guys/Gals).

George Washington - commanded the Continental Army in his 50s. No, he wasn't sitting in a tent sipping tea.

Cochise - was said to be leading raids on settlers throughout his 60s. He wasn't captured by the US government until he was in his 70s. Not glorifying this, just sayin.

Mother Teresa - was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at age 69 "for work undertaken in the struggle to overcome poverty and distress, which also constitutes peace."    

A buddy of mine was telling me a story about going to the doctor recently. His doctor was complaining that our generation is so dissatisfied about going "gentle into that good night." She mused about how hard we fight it. 

I say, "Damn right! Tooth and nail, man." 

In terms of full disclosure, this video drives me nuts. I love his frame of mind. I love his discipline and work ethic. I'm very inspired by him in many ways. I just hate all that flexing. Muscles were meant to be used. They help us to do stuff (experiences, hobbies, service). Flexing isn't stuff.