Complete each series 2x in any order.
You receive the Rx if you take no break-sets during any work period.

Series 1:
30 sec 
plate switches
30 sec rest
60 sec plate switches
60 sec rest
90 sec plate switches
90 sec rest
120 sec plate switches

Series 2:
30 sec row
30 sec rest
60 sec row
60 sec rest
90 sec row
90 sec rest
120 sec row

Series 3:
30 sec burpees (superfits can get 1 every 3-4 sec.)
30 sec rest
60 sec burpees
60 sec rest
90 sec burpees
90 sec rest
120 sec burpees

Post "Rx" or scaled amounts to comments.

Stage 3 GPP Shaping Bias

Here it is. I'm sorry for the poor quality. I wish I was an illustrator, or knew how to make a cool graphics cartoon online. I don't. I'm afraid you'll just have to settle for my blabbing on.

Cool thing is, despite my lack of technical computer skill - this shaping bias works.    

If you have a mind to improve the aesthetics of a certain body part or muscle group, there really is no faster way to do it than to pile the the Stage 3 bias on top of your GPP programming. 

One of the benefits of being a member here is this is FREE for you. We want you to have it. Use it with our blessing. 

Please be considerate and think twice before sharing. We'd hate to have to lock this down and charge extra for it. 

Good form 0630!