Warm-up -

Complete 4 rounds of:

250 m arms only row
15 planking pull downs R M/H
15 planking pull downs L M/H
rest 1 min

Workout -

5 rounds of

10 BB bent rows (heavy)
20 Aussie pullups
burnout set of shoulder shrugs 25/54 ea. 
rest 2 min

Post weights used and # of reps on burnouts to comments.

21 Day Extras - 

In addition to today's workout complete:

3 min plate switches (4" platform)
3 min stationary side hops R (4" platform)
3 min stationary side hops L (4" platform)

Did you do it? Did you clean up your cheat meal? 

"But, Neil - I don't have cheat meals. It's the snacking times where I over do it!"

OK, fine. You're very smart. You got me on a technicality. You win. Now knock it off. It's the same damn thing! :)

Also, did you post yesterday? 

Look man, you've gotta take this thing seriously. Don't think for one minute that I'm above nagging you. I will. We all will. Eating right and posting are crucial to your long term success. So we will do it (nag). So that you know, we've left you the ability to comment anonymously on the site. We do that on purpose. It's so that you may gain and give back. 

Sometimes giving is more important that getting. Just sayin ...

One last thing. Get out and rock the vote today. More and more lately, it is becoming harder and harder to recognize the values, ethics and principles we espouse in the leadership we choose for the country/state/town we live in.

It's not acceptable for people to live under tyranny, oppression and/or injustice. However, if you don't vote, it seams reasonable that YOU (alone) should.   

People are AWESOME!