Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes perform:

10 thrusters 45/65

Post reps completed to comments. 
Please be careful.  The soreness factor for this workout is VERY high.  Scale as needed.

21 Day Extras - 

In addition to 10 thrusters, also complete 15 high knee sprints per minute (R+L=1).
Post rounds completed to comments. 

Workout Notes:

Below are some thoughts from the last time we did this one.

OK.  You are ready for this.  Unless you aren't.  Either way - this is going down.

A couple of tips for navigating the demands of this workout: 

1 - Know your limits.  Not sure why we feel compelled to write this.  It goes without saying.  Still, Thrust-O is sneaky.  If in doubt ... err on the side of caution.

2 - Watch your back.  Keep a tight inward curve to your lower back throughout the workout today.  Thrusters are notorious for pulling you out of neutral spine as you become fatigued.  Remember - chest up, shoulders back, belly button in.    

3 - Sit back through your heels.  Keep those knees tracking over your toes.  Letting the knees drift inward or outward causes a lot of strain.  Be strict about this.  

4 - If your wrists hurt, you are doing it wrong.  You shouldn't be carrying the bar in your hands.  Carry it instead on your shoulders.  Transfer it to your hands for the overhead in mid thrust.  

5 - Don't push the bar OH with your arms.  Your arms should simply be along for the ride.  All transfer to the OH should be generated through your hips.  Thrusters are a semi-explosive movement. 

GOOD LUCK.  Excited to hear how it goes for you.  Keep us posted!  

Next time you are in Merida, Mexico stop in on the Onelife campus (links coming soon)and hit your GPP workout. Here, the first (friends and family) STAB Medley is conducted in the almost finished facility.  Fun!