2 rounds for time:

35 deadlift 95/135
35 Aussie pullups
35 uni KB snatch (R) 25/35
35 uni KB snatch (L) 25/35
35 double unders (3:1 sub for no DU)
35 pushups
350m row

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21 Day Extras - 

Complete another round of the workout above!

Workout Notes:

This is where I usually take the time to go on about all the things you should be careful about when it comes to this workout. 

Thing is, there really isn't anything you shouldn't be careful of. So, let's just leave it at this - use your head and you'll be fine. 

For the double unders - try them! Seriously. They are better for you than regular rope jumping. They require quite a bit more fitness (coordination, balance, accuracy). If you'd like to progress you must make some progress. Ha! I love sentences like that. 

Why and How to do Double Unders - (by Neil)

Biceps are going to be sore tomorrow! 

We've started posting common alts/subs (for those of you at home) to our youtube page. We realize you may not have all the equipment you need to storm these workouts. At least not like we do. We love you and don't want you to miss out, so we'll continually add to that alts/subs page hoping to put you in the hunt. It won't be ideal, but it'll help until you get more stuff. 

Please get more stuff - it'll help you. We'll do a vid on stuff you need soon. Be looking for it. Actually it'll be several vids. As we work on them, we'll put them up here on the main page of the site.  

Super excited about our association with this fine group. We've been meeting with Dub for the last several weeks. Their vision for helping folks achieve Optimal Health transcends all I have met. In fact, I've never heard the term "Optimal Health" outside of our little fitness factory! 

They have a true desire to bring to you products that are a cut above. You will soon be able to obtain these products at our little place. Right now, we'll carry the thermogenics (reds), youth restoration (whites), and muscle recovery (blues) caplets. We'll also carry their cool protein packets you can take with you on the go! And when you are really ready to get after it ... you can get the whole pack (as above). It's part of an excellent supplement system which, when combined with GPP will produce more rapid and more complete results! Pumped to be bringing them to you - soon!