4 rounds On Trainer's Count:

20 band twist punches R med/heavy
20 band twist punches L med/heavy
20 band high elbows R med/heavy
20 band high elbows L med/heavy
20 situps
20 BTB squats
400 m. run

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Workout Notes:

  1. You're not anchored to the ground. Move your feet.
  2. While doing twist punches, throw the fist instead of pushing the band. They are different things. Pushing the band originates in the arm. It's wrong! The point of this workout is to transfer energy from the lower body to the arm via the abs. CORE! 
  3. Today, situps are to be done at higher speeds than you are normally comfortable with. Keeping good form, really put some energy into them. High speed movements shape you differently than slow speed does. Both are good, but today we are after the shaping that higher speed movements offer. 
  4. There must be a very deliberate pause at the bottom of your squat. The point of doing BTBs is this pause. If you want more out of this squat, hold in the bottom of the movement for 1 full second. Maybe more? 

The back shot has become a GPP trademark.  Deservedly so.  There is no other shot so telling of someone's complete fitness.  

If someone has great legs, it is a fine accomplishment, but is really says nothing of the rest of their fitness.  We've seen a lot of folks come through our doors with amazing lower body fitness, but were lacking in upper body strength and endurance.  

If someone has terrific shoulders, arms and abs it is surely noteworthy.  Often, worthy of praise.  But, just as often - it is not.  Thing is, shoulders, arms and abs are usually the FOCUS of one's fitness ambitions.  Generally, they are the only things fit on the exercisers body.  Some folks will strengthen the "show" muscles and pay little or no attention to fully functional fitness.  There is no health in this.  It is not a worthy pursuit.  

However, this is almost never true of the back.  NEVER.  If one has a truly, well-developed back and has put in the work to become lean enough to display it as such, you can bet the fitness they have developed throughout the rest of their body is fully and COMPLETELY functional.  

Having a well-developed back is a truly unique display of amazing GPP!  You can also bet that if you see a well-developed back, you will also see great legs, perfect arms, terrific shoulders and amazing abs to go along with it!   


It's a repost, but well worth another look.