Workout Notes:

  1. Don't be intimidated by this workout. The hardest part is the fist 25 burpees. After that, it's like sleepy time. You almost feel guilty about how easy it is. 
  2. Vets, if you want more out of this, leave the burpees for the end. They are harder at the end. Even though the rest of this is pretty easy. 
  3. Keep neutral spine on those PCs. Re-set deliberately after each burpee. 
  4. Watch Meg's video demo of the BHWS. Did you notice she switches hands each time?
  5. Commit to touching your chest on every pushups. Every ONE!
  6. Knees should come up to shoulder level. If you are an advanced Vet and you have some experience with the move, and have the notion to kick your own arse today, consider kicking the bar with your toes every time.

We Don't do FREE - (musings by Neil)

Perfection. If you want a little more out of your 6" leg holds, put a little crunch in them like Sidney does here.