10 front squats AHAP
10 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 1-3 min. 

8 front squats AHAP
8 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 1-3 min.

6 front squats AHAP
6 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

4 front squats AHAP
4 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

2 front squats AHAP
2 assisted pistols (ea. leg)
rest 3-5 min.

1 burnout set of front squats (use 50% of weight used on 2 rep set)

Post weights used to comments.

Workout Notes:

The Perfect Warm-up

"AHAP" is not an suggestion meant to override common sense. 

If you are able to do pistols unassisted - we want them.

Front squats are meant to tax the muscles of the core. You know you are doing them right if your abs are just a bit sore the next day. 

Instead of cleaning the bar, you may use an assist from the rack if you choose. Of course, cleaning the bar is super cool too.

If your wrists hurt while doing front squats you are holding the bar wrong. When in the "racked" position (not to be confused with the rack above), the bar should be lying across the front delts.

Your hands should be GUIDING the weight - not carrying it. 

You know you are holding the bar wrong if your elbows are pointed downwards during any portion of the movement.

Keep your weight in your heels throughout the exercise. 

That is all for now. Have a great workout.


If you are looking for a source of inspiration ... (Candice, 39 - 40 weeks)