5 rounds for time:

10 manimals  25/45
400m run

Post time to comments.

Workout Notes:

Be careful with your spine after jumping to your feet and preparing to loft the weight overhead. Take a little extra time after springing to your feet to "set" your back.

If you don't have space, or don't wan't to do a traveling lunge step, feel free to do step back OH lunges.

If you are using rubber bumpers (like we are at the gym) be careful after throwing them to the ground. Sometimes those little suckers bite back. If they land at an angle they'll bounce backwards into your shins. This is not only painful; it is potentially deadly. OK not really, but it does sting. Like, a lot. Maybe you could just throw it at the ground a little softer? This way it'll have less of a chance of getting away from you. We think it as funny as you do when the thing hits the ground at a weird angle from 8' OH and forcefully bounces into the lady next to you. Facial swelling and discoloration, while "super cool," is usually not looked upon with the same ardor by the inflicted as by the inflictor.   

Be watching our social media pages (instagram & FB) for daily tips and even weekly add-ons (for those of you who might want a little extra cred) to the workout. 

GPP Kids class starts tomorrow! 

We love the thought of kids working out. Their needs are really no different from ours. In fact, it is our experience that the needs of the very old and very young differ only by degree - not kind. 

Click pic to register

Click pic to register

Years ago, it was enough to just send the kids outside to play. Play, back then was much more diverse. More far reaching, longer and more complete in terms of balancing a child's physical needs. 

It's not anymore.

Play now is woefully lacking in its extent, range, breadth, width and span. Our children simply don't do enough of it to fully gain beneficial health. Neither do they do the right kinds of it when they actually DO go out and play.  

They need help.

GPP Kids is programmed to help. In 2 days per week of concentrated effort (GPP style) we can put balanced physicality onto your child in a way that they will gain max benefits. They'll enjoy it too, because we include play and learning with their exercise. Register your children today. Hurry, class size is limited.   

Inspiring. Judy said that just last month (like, a few weeks ago) she wasn't able to do this movement with weights on the bar. It doesn't take long! She hardly ever misses a day!