Begin with 2 reps.  Add 2 reps per minute for as long as you are able.  Once you max out, take a minute off and then go back down the hill.  Begin with the number you maxed out at and subtract 2 reps per minute until you you have completed your final 2 reps.  Exercise is:

DB floor to OH 15/20 ea.

Post highest round completed and how far back down the hill you came.  Those who complete the last 2 reps in sequence receive the Rx.

WTH?! A "Soul Crusher" on Saturday?

It's not just any Saturday. It's the Saturday following Halloween. We anticipated a few cheats last night. Those of us who went a little crazy, will need to pay a toll. Ha! 

Workout Notes: 

Keep neutral spine. These get a bit sketch near the end. Be sure to benefit from today's workout by being able to come back Monday. 

Many who do this workout over-shoot by a round or two. Remember - it's a long way back down that hill. To get the RX you have to do the whole thing with only ONE rest. 

Thanks to Emily D. for the post below. I will take to heart. (Get it?)