5 rounds OTC (On Trainer's Count) -

20 DB halos 15/20 (R+L=1)
20 floor Jacks
20 side Jacks R
20 side Jacks L
20 Superman Jacks
20 swipers 15/20 (R+L=1)

Post Rx or reps missed to comments.

Workout Notes:

This is a weird little workout. Weird seems appropriate this time of the year. It's got some weird moves in it. Moves I've never seen outside of this place. But, it's got it all. 

Your abs work in 4 directions; flexion, extension, side flexion & twist. So, at the end of this one you'll have em all covered.

Don't be for skipping Thursday workouts. It's not healthy. Thursday workouts are pre-hab. Not just for GPP workouts - for life.

80% of Americans have missed a day of work due to back pain. If I were a major employer, I would conduct several GPP core workouts per week and require my employees to storm them. The lost down-time alone would make this worth it. This is to speak nothing of the increased productivity, fewer workman's comp claims and improved moral.

The point is, you ask a lot of your body. You endure much physical (and emotional) stress daily. You'd do well to protect yourself by developing and maintaining a strong core. A strong core is the key to preventing/healing back pain.

In the old days, we didn't specifically program a core day. During those dark times, it was not uncommon to run into peeps (only 1, or 2 per class) who were suffering with acute and/or chronic back pain. I've had it myself. Since instituting Thursday "Core Day" you'd be hard pressed to find someone who is struggling with back pain within our midst. Oh, you might have a nagging little sore back from a particularly hard KB, or DL workout for a day or two, but it goes away pretty quickly. Especially if you haven't been missing Thursdays.

Happy Core Day!   

From Wendy in Moab:

I did "Shredder" with my swim team last Thurs. They remembered it from last year! Most were stoked ... A few were afraid. 

We had them run & swim on their own over the weekend to aid in recovery. Yesterday [Monday] they could have ruled the world! 

It's amazing what accomplishing something hard can do to a person's confidence! 

Thanks for rocking our little team!

Halloween Workout Notice:

GPP will not be holding the 5:45 P.M. workouts on Halloween eve. The 5:00 P.M. workout is still ON! 


A 1 trillion burpee penalty will be assessed to anyone not wearing a costume. You signed a waiver saying you'd do it when you joined this place. I feel sure of this. Like 30%-ish. And that's NOT nothing. Think about it, if you knew you had a 30% chance of catching Ebola, you'd be fairly concerned. So, that's a thing. 

Also, since many of you didn't take our 1 trillion burpee penalty seriously last year, this year we will also beat non-compliant's with a length of rubber hose. 

I hope these two were wearing helmets.