3 rounds for time:  

800m run
10 pullups
10 clapping pushups

Post time to comments.  

Workout Notes:

New standard - For Rx, feet must leave the ground in the up phase of clapping pushups. See pic below. This is not as obvious in the demo vid, but it's there. 

This is a flat out sprint. You are on the clock today. Push it if you are ready. It lasts less than 20 mins. Our fastest finishers got it done sub 14:00 last time. 

You don't have many rounds to do the pullups and pushups today.  It's only 30 total movements each.  This means you can't waste them.  To get the most benefit, study the movements carefully and perform them with extra attention to form and intensity.  If you do them right, you won't need more to see progress.    

The GPP Jumping Pullup 
How to do a Kipping Pullup
Gain strength to do pullups  

The Diet Coke Makes You Fat Study - (musings by Neil)

HERE is that "scientific" study from the University of Texas Health Science Center - San Antonio, on how diet soda makes you fat. 

This is the study that you've been hearing about for the last 4, or so years. It was widely reported on every major type of news media. This study is the reason your friends have been saying to you, 

"You know, they've proven that Diet Coke makes you fat ..."

I thought you should read it for yourself. 

On a mostly unrelated note. I finally and definitively figured out what caused those pulmonary embolisms I came down with last month. The doctors and I were initially stumped as to their origins since I don't really have any of the risk factors that predispose me to this potentially deadly condition.

It was bunny hops on my MTN bike.

I love to bunny hop my mountain bike. I do it all the time. I view just about every branch, rock or hump in the trail as an opportunity to bunny hop. I've done this for 19+ years. It's hella fun!

Doing the math, it works like this:

I bunny hop my mountain bike often ... I got pulmonary embolisms ... Therefore bunny hopping my mountain bike causes pulmonary embolisms.

It's a valid observation according to how the media reported on the diet soda study above.

Beth gets into the sky!