10 min AMRAP:

250 m row
20 hanging Aussies
20 alt. DB biceps curls 15/20 (L+R=1)

Post rounds completed.  Rest 1 min. 

10 min AMRAP:

20 plate squats 25/45 (hug the plate)
20 lunge switches (L+R=1)
200m run

Post rounds completed.  Rest one min.

10 min AMRAP:

20 incline pushups
20 OH triceps ext. 15/25
20 mountain climbers (L+R=1)

Post rounds completed.

Workout Notes: 

Saturday GPP workouts are not programmed. They are extra credit workouts. If you missed one the of the workouts during the week, we prefer you come back on Saturday and make it up. Do this instead of (or in addition to!) the workout posted. 

"Incline pushups?  But, if your feet are elevated wouldn't that make it a DECLINE pushup?" 

It depends on which perspective you look at it from.  If you are looking at it from the exerciser's perspective, then it would be a decline because the torso slopes downwards (body declines). 

Problem is, we don't usually look at movements from the exerciser's perspective.  We usually (there are exceptions to every rule) look at movements from the ACTION'S perspective.  During the action of the incline pressing motion, the arms are pushing up and away (superiorly) from the shoulder line towards the head.  If you inverted the body and placed dumbbells in the hands of someone doing incline pushups, you'd see the exact same ACTION as an incline dumbbell press.  Therefore, we call it an Incline Pushup.

Many of you have expressed interest in our new Shaping Bias (stage III). Pumped for that. It is super cool stuff and will add incredibly to your appearance. 

The bias is hard to explain. But is quite simple and super effective. 

If you are in the area and would like to look into it, we will be having a workshop to explain the bias to you (how to do it and how to fit it in with your GPP - a must!). Workshop is next Wednesday Oct. 22 @ 7:30pm. It is free to all current members of GPP. 

Body shaping is a different animal. To be effective, it requires a different mind-set and a different approach. Each movement you do needs to be carefully controlled for maximum effectiveness. Due to this, we will be having a series of movement workshops over the next month to help you get these movements dialed in. 

TYT, you are going to love this. LOVE.  


Let's be positive here. I can't run for a bit. I am bummed. I decided to focus on what I CAN do. I can continue to work on letting my fitness serve me and my family. I like to challenge myself. I can still do that everyday at @gppfitness until I'm back on the trails. I love it there because the programming is bangin and their reasons for attaining health and fitness align with mine. It's actually very unique in the gym industry. You should follow their account @gppfitness for daily health & fitness tips and motivation. It may help you out of a mental slump one day too.👊 Happy Friday kidlets. And also, seatbelt for safety.👍

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Thx Kenz! 

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