For time:

1 mile run
50 burpees
75 pushups
150 squats

Post time to comments.
Our "SuperFits" can do this workout in under 20 min.

Workout Notes:

Even though this is a different version of our "fitzoner" workout, It is still one of our benchmarks. If used correctly, you can measure a portion of your ongoing progress by this benchmark workout. It only comes around a couple of times per year. If you are ready, you should push hard - really see what you are made of. Use this info to see where you are compared to last time.

If you do this right, you'll record your time. Save it. Look at it next time this workout comes up, and BEAT that. 

If you've done it before, look up your last time and FRICKIN go for it!

There is no better place to save your time than right here in the comments section. That way you'll know where to find it next time it comes up. Also, your time could serve to inspire others, as you have likely been inspired. 

Fitzoner must begin with a flat-out mile. Part of the magic of this workout is to stimulate your body to perform under stress. The stress here is the mile. The reps and exercises after the mile are pretty light compared to what you are used to at GPP. However, after the stress of a hard mile, these become much more difficult. This piles on the fitness and health.

After you've finished your flat-out mile you may partition reps as you like.

Some folks find that they'll get through this workout faster (your goal - if you are ready) by stacking reps. They'll do ALL the squats, followed by ALL the burpees etc. Others get through it faster by partitioning in rounds of 10, or 5. 

10 rounds = 15 squats, 7/8 (alt. rounds) pushups & 5 burpees
5 rounds = 30 squats, 15 pushups & 10 burpees

Personally, I use a mix of the two above. I know through years of experience with this workout that I recover better with fewer reps. So I lean toward the 10 rounds partitioning method. However, I can storm through a couple of the 5 rounders before I hit my recovery limit. 

Part of the fun of this workout is finding out what body type you have. Are you a high rep'er, or a low rep'er? The first time I did this workout I stacked reps. Did all the squats in a row, then the pushups, etc. Next time I did the 5 round partitioning method - took 4 mins of my time. Next time (a year later) I did the 10 round method - took 3 more mins off. By mixing the two methods, I took an additional 90 sec off. It's valuable info.

We used to consider you a "superfit" if you could get all of this done, with perfect reps,  inside of 20 mins. Haha. Five and a half years ago this was quite a feat. Nowadays, under 20 mins is commonplace. Therefore we have set a new standard: 

Superfit = 14 mins and under!

The key here is "PERFECT REPS." Remember, our fitness serves us - not the other way around. 

Those of you doing the shaping bias with me this year (I do shaping bias from Oct-Mar) try doing skull crushers from the bench. More ROM and focus on development of the triceps.