4 rounds for time:

800m run
30 V-ups
30 KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.

Saturday GPP workouts are not programmed. They are extra credit workouts. If you missed one the of the workouts during the week, we prefer you come back on Saturday and make it up. Do this instead of (or in addition to!) the workout posted. 

Remember, our weekly programming is sequential. Beginning with Monday, each subsequent workout adds onto the last. So, the workout we do on Wednesday, is scheduled because of what we did on Monday & Tuesday ... and so on.  

See how it works? 

If you are consistently missing certain days of the week, you might have holes in your fitness. Making up for these misses by coming in on Saturdays is a good way to fill the holes. 

An advantage of conducting "Smack That" is you learn who throws a mean punch. Helps one to know whom one should avoid aggravating.

Also, Lindsay (pink-ish, orange-ish top) just had that baby a few months ago! Amazing transformation!