For time

15-16-17-18-19-20-19-18-17-16-15 reps per round of:

back squats 65/95
box jumps
lunge switches (R+L= 1)

Post time to comments.

Heat is NOT your friend this week. NOT at all.  When you are stupid-sore (and loving it), like most of us are right now, the one thing that seems the most soothing may actually be the most detrimental to your recovery.  So stay away from heating pads, hot tubs and steam rooms all week.  Instead, consider ICE BATHS.  HERE is an article on how to take one.  It is a miserable thing to do, but the effect is almost immediate.  It's weird.

Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory.  You are chock-full of oxidation, histamine and inflammation right now.  Vit C is also found in high concentrations in your immune cells and is consumed quickly during infections.  Helpful.  But maybe Vit C's most important function to you this week is its ability to synthesize collagen, carnitine and metabolize tyrosine and microsomes.  Let's just say you need all of this right now.  

I received a nasty letter from a lady yesterday.  Truthfully, I only skimmed it.  When the second line of an email starts like this:

"It was obvious to me when I checked out your amateurish site for the first time, that ..."

You tend not to keep reading.  I did pick a few things out of it though.  I picked up:

"I'm a life coach, author and personal trainer out of [It doesn't really matter]." 

I also caught:

"The workouts you suggest people perform are nothing more than brutality.  I doubt anyone has ever truthfully completed one of your workouts, but I know many who will kill themselves trying."  

Well, she's wrong about a lot of things here.  But the last thing I caught was:

" ... I usually don't write to other professionals.  I trust fate to sort out the quacks & fakes, but this time is an exception because I've seen so many people in my gym doing GPP ..."

I know this letter had nasty intentions.  I know she was trying to rip on GPP (and she did as she continued).  But, I've been flying around in feelings of pure elation since reading it early this morning.  Did you see it?  The last line.  

" ...  I've seen so many people in my gym doing GPP."  

Excellent.  Perfect.  How do you not cry tears of joy after reading something like that? 

I haven't responded yet.  I'm not sure if I will.  I'm not sure she'd get it.  I imagine writing to her an enchanting reply that invites her to see what all of us have delightfully come to know as - a better way.  I imagine eloquently explaining to her the multifaceted intentions, purposes and benefits of GPP.  After I explain all of this to her, I also imagine, or hope rather, that she'd recognize that there is something to this GPP thing.  After all, why else would she see "so many people in [her] gym doing GPP?  

What?  Does she think everybody here is stupid? Crazy? Blighted?

I wish she could see this week.  I wish she could witness the acts and hear the stories of perseverance, kindness, determination and guts that you've displayed this week.  We have all participated in a week which was unfinishable by design.  Yet we thrive.  We accomplish.  We change (on many levels).  

We will continue to do so.  And if (when) we punch through to the end of this week, we will have generated a lot of momentum.  Momentum that will carry. 

Sitting back and taking this week in is rough to do right now.  Mainly because it isn't over yet and we are sore, tired and want sugar - BADLY.  But there is purpose in it.  Not GPP purposes - OUR own, as individuals.  And that momentum we are building will be just what we'll need to acquire and secure our purposes now and in the future.  We GET that.  We also know that our friend probably never will.   

Stay the course, friends.  Accomplish your purposes.  We have only 3 days left.  We can do anything for 3 more days!  haha. 

In the mean time, maybe I'll write her back and try to put it all into perspective for her as eloquently as possible.  Then again, maybe I'll just ignore the letter and keep plugging away at this "amateurish" site while watching your AMAZING, effort producing results.  

I imagine those will have more impact (eventually) than anything I could write.  


Looks like Meg T. has been completing the workouts!  HA!