5 rounds OTC - 

20 KB halos R 25/35
20 KB halos L 25/35
20 KB biceps curls R 25/35
20 KB biceps curls L 
20 KB OH T2T press R 25/35
20 KB OH T2T press L 25/35
20 v-ups

Post Rx or reps missed to comments. 

Today's "GPP Standard" Challenge 

Complete 3 rounds of:

5 pullups
10 situps
15 pushups
20 squats

You are to complete all reps today at "Ludicrous Speed."  In other words, do the reps at the very limit of your capacity.   This can mean many things (faster reps, less rest, faster transitions).  It does NOT mean that you should sacrifice form or safety to complete reps.  

Rookies, completing reps at "Ludicrous Speed" will have a very different meaning and appearance for you than it will the Vets.  

This is the same "Standard" we did on Monday.  Please post "DONE" and note differences experienced (compared to Monday) to comments.

Intensive Training Scheduled!

We are excited to announce our next GPP Intensive Training Seminar.  It will take place:

May 2nd-4th
@ GPP NWA in Rogers, AR

Click HERE for more info and to register for the event. 

GPP has very unique training methods and programming techniques.  Our methods and techniques are driven by even more unique philosophies.  These occur NOWHERE else in the world.  The results we put onto our clients is unparalleled.   

We invite you to a weekend of learning and skill development which will help you vastly improve your own health, and give you skills to help improve the health of others. 


Amazing Brandy.  Just excellent.